Main Objectives:

⬣ Can we track human migratory history with the patterns of microbiome evolution?

⬣ Are human geographical differences reflected in microbiota differentiations and adaptations?

⬣ Is there a diaspora microbiota unifying human social and culture entities?


Feb 28 2020

  • A closing-ceremony announcement from Dr. Rays Jiang:

“What a fabulous tournament — I am speechless. Congratulations Team ZERO and Team Animal again. ALL teams (in alphabetical order), Team GEO, Team PublixPower, Team TRACK, and Team YOLO excelled in data science problem solving, cross-field communication, and top-notch team working. The judges are impressed by the scope and results coming out of this event. We will re-convene after work over drinks, to celebrate our camaraderie. Swamy will update you with the details in a link. Three cheers to our collective sweat, stress and joy!”

  • Dr. Elizabeth Miller’s Codeathon-opening Anthropology in microbiome-research presentation provides important context for the power and necessity of interdisciplinary approaches to answer the complex questions inherent to human microbiomes-research–check it out!

Feb 26 2020

  • All six team-projects are off to a great start! We start again tomorrow at 9 A.M.

  • Remember to be updating our shared manuscript-GoogleDoc as you go. Dr. Ren Tao’s Geospatial Data-Science in microbiome-research presentation is now available! Check it out for pointers to valuable, publicly-available data.

Feb 25 2020

  • All team-leads have been granted administrator-access to their team repositories and should now be inviting their team-members to the repo using the github usernames supplied in the sign-up roster.

  • Make sure you have accepted Swamy’s invitation to our OneHealth Microbiome Codeathon slack-channel. You’ll find the most up-to-date general and team-communications there!

Special thanks to our sponsors, organizers, and collaborators!